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View the city from the top If both of you are history buffs, you can have a delightful date visiting the Grossmunster, the towering church founded by Charlemagne.

At the same time though Zurich offers a rich and varied social life too with dining, shopping and recreational options galore.Established by the erstwhile guilds in the Old City District, it is located in a baroque palace near Niederdorf Street and has two stages which host mostly avantgarde works by European directors.Taste the happening nightlife If you have had enough of classical culture and would now like to put on your dancing shoes, Zurich has several options to help you plan a date.Across the Limmat, the river which bisects most of the city, is the old town area where churches, houses and old guild-halls lie clustered together.Here you can visit the Lindenhof which is the historical site of the Roman castle and the later Carolingian Imperial Palace.The Japanese-influenced spa features two private suites and here you can choose from a menu of medical treatments including lasers, peels and injections as well as exotic pampering like sauna, massage sessions and indoor heated pools.

If you and your partner are more of the outdoor sort, the resort allows you to hike the grounds, play nine holes of golf or perhaps hit balls on one of five tennis courts.Once you are back down, snack on soft and creamy macarons from Sprüngli, which claims to have invented them and calls them Luxemburgerli.A walk through the Old Town If you are looking for a date idea that is easy on the pocket and casual in nature, a great option would be to browse through the old part of the Zurich city.Indeed, once a year, it hosts the Zürcher Opernball with the President of the Swiss Confederation and the economic and cultural élite of Switzerland in attendance.Alternatively you can even catch a play at the Schauspielhaus Zürich which is the main theatre complex of the City.Live it up at the Dolder Grand If resources are not a problem, you can plan for a luxurious date at the Dolder Grand in Zurich which is located on a hilltop just ten minutes outside of the city by car.

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    This is unlike a date where you might not know the exact motive of your date.