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Tradition demanded that each participant don a mask like those of a masquerade to keep their identities hidden from one another, but for the initiates and their accompanying chaperons, its importance in modern times had faded into a mere formality.For the figures below, however, there were stricter measures in place to ensure that none of them would know each other beyond the moniker they had chosen for themselves.

The fact that this secret society existed in its current state was evidence enough that there was no longer a higher authority to judge him, alive or dead.Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.Foreword: The story is meant to be read as a whole, but the subject matter varies from chapter to chapter.He was at peace with knowing that he taught falsehood to his followers.There was no Hell in which he would burn for engaging in what amounted to the rape of minors, no great book of sins before a set of pearly gates in which the murders he had committed would be recorded.Electing themselves to a council would contravene their paradigm of a decentralized structure, and therein lay the genius of the system in place; although only a single sponsor was needed to introduce new members, few existing members would have reason to add to their number and expand the lottery pool indiscriminately.

Fresh blood, or “leeches” as the Fruit Peddler used to call them before his passing, seldom found themselves taught the proper signs required to enter the secret premises where the society’s meetings were held.If there was any kind of authority on Earth, the Archbishop wielded it in his hands, and with them, he would take the reedy hips of his young prize and mount her from behind as he had done to many others of her ilk.He had turned his attention to the other initiates when an unpleasant noise broke his revelry.The Archbishop was old; too old, perhaps, for pursuits such as these if his compatriots knew his true identity.They went against the canon of his teachings as well, inviolable laws the preaching of which he oversaw.The laughter rose behind him, but he did not have to look to identify its source.

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    A few months later, Rahul's mother dies and Roopa is the first one he approaches to seek solace.