Youtube video count not updating

06-Apr-2015 01:46 by 9 Comments

Youtube video count not updating

However, you can see real time views using the You Tube Analytics tool.You Tube got wise to the refresh button issue a long time ago.

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You Tube Analytics is also helpful because you can see views, estimated minutes watched, subscribers, likes, dislikes, comments, shares, favorites added and much more during a specific period of time.As a Google-owned company, it’s also important that all algorithms and security measures are taken.You Tube has never disclosed fully how view counts are established.While the video is still available, the view count will not appear until the issue has been checked and resolved by the system.The view count analysis is done in order to keep view counts as accurate as possible while not allowing people to game the view count in order to increase their views and gain recognition from the You Tube community as being a “most popular” video.They decided to make some changes especially as more video producers began monetizing videos.

The importance of an accurate view count was also incredibly important to You Tube developers.In addition, so that the spam bot can verify that view counts are real and not being artificially created.It could be a few hours or multiple days before the video view count works once more.You Tube is constantly trying to improve its view count measures and analytics software, so there may be changes in the future to how issues are reported and whether you can resolved view counts as quickly as suggested.I watch a video which has 'x'number of views.One of the big issues is that when a view count is frozen, many commenters look at the ratings that are above the view count and claim “View count fraud,” which also detracts from the validity of a video.

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