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This is reiterated in 1Chronicles -12 as well as later histories such as Josephus' Jewish Antiquities 2, using extra-Biblical accounts provides context for the migration from Caphtor to Philistia.He records that the Caphtorites were one of the Egyptian peoples whose cities were destroyed during the Ethiopic War.

There is possibly an etymological relationship between Caphtor and Qift.

Sayce had however already argued in the 19th century that the names in the text in which k-p-t-3-r occurs were not transliterations of the Semitic forms.

Other scholars have disagreed over whether this can be said for the occurrence of k-p-t-3-r.

Las causas principales de esa baja de valor son: Por el uso Por el transcurso del tiempo Por obsolescencia (falta de uso, fuera de moda aun cuando se encuentre en buenas condiciones materiales o rebasado por la tecnología). Depreciación acumulada de equipo de tienda Depreciación acumulada de equipo de oficina Depreciación acumulada de equipo de transporte Depreciación acumulada de equipo de cómputo Estos porcentajes deben consultarse en la Ley del Impuesto sobre la Renta en su título 11, deducciones en general, en relación con las inversiones.

Caphtor is also mentioned in ancient inscriptions from Egypt, Mari, and Ugarit.

Another records a Caphtorite object (ka-ta-pu-um Kap-ta-ru-ú) which had been sent by king Zimrilim of the same period, to king Shariya of Razama.

A text in connection with Hammurabi mentions Caphtorite (k[a-a]p-ta-ri-tum) fabric that was sent to Mesopotamia via Mari.An inventory thought to be from the same era as the previous texts mentions a Caphtorite vessel (GAL kap-ta-ri-tum) (probably a large jug or jar). KUR is a determinative indicating a country, while one possible reading of the sign DUGUD is kabtu, whence the name of the place would be Kabturi, which resembles Caphtor.An Akkadian text from the archives of Ugarit (modern Ras Shamra, Syria) contains a possible reference to Caphtor: it mentions a ship that is exempt from duty when arriving from a place whose name is written with the Akkadian cuneiform signs KUR. Within Ugaritic inscriptions from the Amarna period, k-p-t-r is mentioned and understood to be Caphtor: A poem uses k-p-t-r as a parallel for Egypt (H-k-p-t) naming it as the home of the god Kothar-wa-Khasis the Ugaritic equivalent of the Egyptian god Ptah.The name k-p-t-3-r is found written in hieroglyphics in a list of locations in the Ptolemaic temple of Kom Ombo in Upper Egypt and is regarded as a reference to Caphtor.The reference to k-p-t-3-r should not be confused with other inscriptions at the temple and from earlier sites mentioning a locality called Keftiu listed amongst lands to the northeast of Egypt and having different spelling and pronunciation, although it has been conjectured by some scholars that this is also a reference to Caphtor.Traditional sources placed Caphtor in the region of Pelusium, though modern sources tend to associate it with localities such as Cilicia, Cyprus, or Crete.

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    Gall EA-Generali Foundation, Vienna Museum in progress, Vienna 1990 Galerie Walcheturm, Zurich Galerie Vera Munro, Hamburg 1989 - Galerie nächst St. Moser, Ulli: „Auf der Suche nach der Fülle in der Leere - Gerwald Rockenschaub in der Galerie Metropol", in: Parnass Heft 1, Jan./Feb.