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Well, that's one of the really cool things about finding a few of her "secret spots".

When you tune into her entire body and really start paying attention to what it is telling you, you begin to uncover all of those things that are specific to the woman that you are with. She can't believe how intuitively you know her body.

Absolutely the hottest girls from Thailand and Asia.

It seems that the women of Asia are getting more beautiful and more willing to do the wildest things.

Let me very quickly explain that the "paying attention" that I'm talking about is much more than just listening to what she tells you or noticing what she likes.

It's about tuning in with your entire body to her entire body.

In fact, they'll basically follow the same pattern every time-- kissing, then feeling her breasts, then mouth on breasts, then maybe using their fingers, oral sex (either giving or receiving), then intercourse. but there is so much more you could do to drive her wild.

And when you do these other things, you light her imagination on fire-- she immediately knows that she is dealing with a man who understands sex at a higher level. Second of all, believe it or not, MOST WOMEN DON' T EVEN KNOW about the secret spots that are on their OWN bodies.

She has orgasms with you on the very first time you are with her that are so powerful, that previously only men who had dated her for years had been able to achieve with her.

But also, when you tune in like that, something more subtle happens... She feels a bridge of intimacy with you-- an emotional connection that allows her to unleash her most powerful orgasms. Okay, as promised, here are 3 of the best places on her body to drive her wild that most guys completely ignore-- or are just too insecure to take their time exploring.

The real key to finding her secret spots is the same thing I talk about in almost every one of my articles...

and it is the single most powerful way to become a master in the art of sex: Pay Attention.

Paying attention like this will let you discover many secret spots on her body that she never even knew about... Spot #1: The Back Of Her Neck It's funny to me that so many guys KNOW about the fact that women like it when you kiss or bite the back of their neck...