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“There was a lot of pressure to do something which has made the organisation grown rapidly into what it is today.” Despite of the stereotypes of witches in the media, modern practising witches are in fact quite different from how they are being portrayed.

If the stone becomes damaged, it’s advised to replace the stone.

It's a shame some bits are missing, like the professor.

And no audio is a bit of a let down (same for a lot of the games).

It was founded in 1995 and has now grown into a large organisation with over six thousand paid members.

It also publishes witchcraft’s best-selling magazine called and operates numerous websites including witchcraft.org, witchfest.net, and

Very good writing -- the students had fun personalities and intriguing backstories that encouraged me to play multiple times. It could have used sounds, or maybe some more backgrounds?

Zoe's commentary on school was particularly thought-provoking :)I loved the characters, they were really well drawn and well written and really adorable! But it's clear that that effort went elsewhere, The art looks beautiful for this game.Their personalities could be exaggerated more to make them stand out, but it was nice that they talked like real people. I'm not really big on dating sims, but I respect how well put together this game is. I thought the dialogue part was just the intro but it turned out to be the whole game : PIt gives too little control to player so lack a bit of gameplay.The dialogue system runs smoothly and the day tracking makes it clear how you have to split up your interactions. There is also a high expectation on the workshops topics and live entertainment.Lucya Starza, who writes in her blog called about her day-to-day experience of being a witch in England, goes to the Witchfest regularly and describes going there as always being the highlight of the year for her.I finished with Lina and Inky-Trinks, she had me at cookies!