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“She already knew what to do in front of that camera.

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Gia grew up in a comfortable house, situated on the outskirts of Philadelphia, but although the environment was welcoming, her house rarely felt like a home.

Realizing the potential she had to become a superstar in the fashion world, Tannenbaum began arranging auditions for the amateur model.

Soon after, in a meeting with one of New York’s top agents, Wilhelmina Cooper, Gia made an important first impression.

Who would you say are the iconic starlets of our day? In her all-too-short, but meteoric rise to fame, Gia Carangi led a life that encapsulated both the triumph and terror of success.

As far as supermodels go, who does our generation have? An overnight sensation in the fashion world, Gia’s legacy serves as a cautionary tale, and a powerful reminder of the double-edged sword of fame and fortune.

“She really never came to peace with being perhaps the first in a generation of supermodels,” remembers Diane Furstenburg in the documentary, .

“I think all the idolatry and the praise, and all of the attention was very fleeting, and she seemed to know that.Somehow, within Gia, she knew that all this was just a temporary thing.” When family friend and photographer Joe Petralis took Gia’s first test shots, he quickly realized the potential of the young model as well.“I didn’t have to tell her what to do,” said Petralis.“Gia and I used to sit at the top of the steps and hear [our parents] fight.” remembers her brother, Joe Carangi, “We hated it.” By the time she was eleven years old, her parents had split up, the separation creating a void that would trouble Gia throughout her life.In the years following her parents’ divorce, Gia grew increasingly reckless and harder to handle as she entered her teens. While the Cindy Crawfords and Naomi Campbells may have reigned supreme among ’90s modeling icons, before them it was unquestionably Gia Carangi who embodied the archetype of a supermodel in the ’80s.

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