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”, to avoid anyone thinking that he is a lonely scum… Overweight people are really funny, and I can get away with making fun of them, because I’m flaw free!plus, he is anti-social due to his Asperger's Syndrome. (BRB shaving eyebrows again).” Ray William Johnson is Sxephil’s white-bread Pakistani cousin, infamous for using other people’s work in his own videos to get views and make money.

Or maybe this relates to whomever the new Equals Three host is … If new gossip emerges, of course we will let you know.

Gay William Johnson is an unfunny midget faggot who enjoys making videos in his shitty 1BR apartment.

He has three channels, all of which are total crap.

At the end of every video, he’ll get everybody to reply to a question with text or video, thus getting himself more money from You Tube. After getting a high, well-earned fan-base, he attempted at making a forced meme, as he always uses them in his videos.

So he made a typical episode of his shit show using the typical misleading thumbnail and title, but then, knowing he’d becoming the laughing stock of the internet if he ever attempted this on /b/, he used his crap example of a troll to create THE WORST MEME EVER. • LILSHOWSTOPPA • La Pequeña • Laci Green • Laddergoat • Lady ALT69 • Lambi Sin Clair • Latarian Milton • Lee Westwick • Legion of Noway • Leisure Suit Gaming • Leisure Suit Gaming/No Date Gamers • Leprechaun • Lesleyblood • Let's Play • Lexi Bee • Lexshit Bleuuaaaargh • Lia Marie Johnson • Liam Sullivan • Life In ATent • Lilypichu • Limapal00za • Linkara • Lisanova • Little Kuriboh • Logan Sperman2 • Lonelygirl15 • Lopunny • Lord Zedd16 • Lordshadrach • Louisthehedgehog • Lowtax/You Tube • Lukeywes1234 • Lulz in hell Trollfags • Lyle Mc Douchebag • Lynn Ann • Lyor Cohen METOKUR • MMORPG Freak Out • MRirian • Machinima • Magical Pocky Usagi • Majela Ze Ze Diamond • Manlytears • Mannix The Pirate • Mariozplaze • Mariotehplumber • Mark Gormley • Markiplier • Mars Defden • Maru • Matt Shizzle • Max Harris • Maxofs2d • Mc Jugger Nuggets • Megan Speaks • Melee Kirby • Memy9909 • Michael Jackson • Michelle Phan • Mickyy Moo • Million Dollar Extreme • Misha Silenosti • Miss Hannah Minx • Mogalful • Monica Punk • Monkey Game Guides • Montagraph • Morbid Krabs • Morgan Anson • Mr Pregnant • Mr Disambiguation • Mrpunchdrunk1 • Mr Repzion • Ms Heart Attack • Muffdaddy2 • Must Destroy All • My IDIs Phat • Mylar Balloon Fan • My Space Kid • Mysterious Mr Enter • Mystery Guitar Man • NOT THE BEES • Nalts • Narcovideo • Nate Talks To You • Navii Neko • Needledrop • Nephilim Free • Nephilim Free/Debate Sagas • Nephilim Free/Misc.

Today let us go through one of such celebrities, Anna Kay Akana. Anna Akana is a very famous internet personality known for her You Tube videos that explore simple yet important issues of life. Find out everything from her family to dating life and boyfriend here.

Anna Akana is quite open about her personal life so we would have known if she had a boyfriend, so it is safe to say that she is single.His main channel, which consists of him stealing other people's content and making money off it.His second channel, where he uploads weekly vlogs, and his third channel, where he makes shitty animated music videos, that only spastics enjoy and fuck faces delight.Ray is constantly making insults about himself due to his low self-esteem for being under 5 foot.In most of his videos he will insult a race, then he’ll say that he’s “only kidding” so that minorities won't invade his house and beat his short ass down.He is kind to gays because he is a fudgepacker himself. Ray William Johnson here, and THIS is a funny page on African Americans! After each stolen clip, he recites a cheesy 1990’s burn, usually involving somebody’s mom, and then an oh so cool DJ sound effect plays.

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