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'No way was I going to put my health at risk when they had had all that time to sort it out,' she said.

She became pregnant using Mr Wheeler's sperm and eggs from a donor selected by the couple.

But her grandparents, Bill Jeavons, 90, and his wife Violet, 83, also from Shrewsbury, said she was a 'nice, quiet Christian girl just trying to help a couple in America who could not have children'. 'Her decision not to have an abortion is her natural mother's instinct and I know she is against abortion,' she said.

Mrs Jeavons said: 'I am too old to be getting involved in these sorts of things, but as her grandmother I will support her all I can.

But under Californian law, parental rights in a surrogacy agreement go to the intended parents, not the surrogate mother. But she claimed to feel very responsible for the babies. She made contact with Mr Wheeler and Miss Berman, who are both San Francisco lawyers, last August over the Internet. The couple told her they had been trying for six years to have another baby.

Miss Beasley, a single woman from the Midlands, already has a nine-year- old son. 'You can't help but get attached to them, and I just want the best for them,' she said last night. They agreed to pay her about £14,000, according to her American lawyer Theresa Erickson, and made an initial payment of £700.

Little did the pair know that they’d be Olympic teammates in 2016 when this awesome photo at an autograph signing was snapped: Another fun fact: Even before that, Ledecky was hanging out with Michael Jordan at the age of two.

According to ABC, she was in a luxury box at a Washington Wizards game in 2000.

Miss Berman failed to return calls made to her home and office.

Miss Beasley's parents, Frank and Ann Beasley, from Shrewsbury in Shropshire, were too distressed to talk about the situation, which they said had put enormous strain on the family. 'I do worry about how my daughter Ann will take all this. She tried to talk her out of it, but Helen's mind was made up.' She said her granddaughter was a good mother to her son.

Everything seemed to be going well and she was looking forward to the birth in November.

Miss Beasley discovered she was carrying twins about eight weeks into the pregnancy and said she informed the couple soon afterwards.

She claims it was not until the end of the 13th week that the couple told her they had scheduled an appointment in San Francisco to abort one of the foetuses.

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