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“Well, not the only thing, but that’s one of the things that came out of it was that I’m not even a very good shot at point-blank range.”Kramer did suffer a traumatic brain injury in the incident and was in a medically-induced coma for much of the six or so weeks he spent at Northridge. He’s worked really hard to get where he’s at today."Doctors removed what Kramer estimates as “the front quarter” of the left side of his skull during his time at Northridge and, earlier this year, after having a mold of his head made, he underwent a cranioplasty to plate the area.

I also had reasoned and realized that there was going to be quite a bit of pain just over the suicide, and mourning because of that.At the beginning, you don’t really recognize the danger if you were to fly off this slide and die. You get going faster and faster and, the last 10 feet, you can’t stop yourself.You need to stop yourself much further up the slide or not get on the slide at all if you recognize it for what it is. It seemed like nothing was going to get him out of it.”Rehab and reconnect As badly as he was injured by the gunshot, Kramer jokes now that he was saved for one simple reason: “I’m a bad shot.”“I think that’s the only thing that came out of it,” he said, laughing.Though Kramer did not suffer any permanent sensory loss nor significant cognitive impairment from his suicide attempt, he said the structure both programs provided was invaluable in helping him to regain short-term memory capacity and re-engage with people.At the Nevada facility, Kramer said he and others took regular Friday field trips to places like Red Rock Canyon.He checked into the Good Nite Inn because he “just didn’t want there to be a big aftermath (at home) for my son to have to deal with,” but his attempt caused enough of a commotion that someone at the hotel alerted police.“I think he lost sight of how much he was loved and regarded,” Lefever said.

“And when somebody gets that down, especially somebody who’s so focused, so solution-focused, I think that he got — I suspect, and again, he’s not my patient, I suspect that he got focused on the idea that suicide would be the end of his pain.“The metaphor I like to use is a water slide.“It’s not something that happens every day and so it definitely stood out as very important.”‘Worth living’Hipple and Kramer had a long talk during the car ride back to Agoura Hills after Kramer was released from the hospital last year.At one point, Kramer started to explain how hard it was to plan his own death.“He told me all that in the car and he said, ‘And here I am, I’m still alive,’” Hipple recalled.As for the attempt itself, Kramer doesn’t remember much about that nor the ensuing weeks, though he did send text messages from his hotel room to his sister, Kelley, and close friend Chris Germann that were odd enough to arouse suspicions.Kelley called Hipple in a panic the night of the suicide attempt after receiving Kramer’s text.Germann declined an interview for this report.“It was going through my mind (before the attempt) how much I was going to miss Dillon and my sister and her kids, how much I was going to miss my friends,” Kramer said.

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