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And that comes from none other than Bob Glidden, a retired 10-time Pro Stock champion with 85 career victories.

"We raced for a year in hopes that we would find a sponsor, and going through that with my dad and him spending his personal money and just having it disappear was one of those kind of gut-check moments, I guess," Erica says now. "But I would have never been happy, because I eat, breathe and sleep drag racing. "To have the rug pulled out from under me by someone I thought was my best friend, who was my crew chief at the time, I really kind of lost faith in people at that time," Enders said.

Watching this year, in particular, and especially in the Countdown (the NHRA's version of a postseason), it's been very impressive." What's indisputable is Enders has been the best driver in Pro Stock the last two seasons driving for Richard Freeman's Elite Motorsports, a family-owned team that barely had the funding to field one car at the start of 2014.

But thanks in large part to Enders' success, it will balloon to four full-time cars next year.

I've said it a million times before, but I've had way more valleys than I've had peaks.

It took me seven years trying to make Pro Stock work in order to get my first win." The valleys could form the basis for a sequel to "Right on Track," the 2003 Disney movie that chronicled Erica's triumph over adversity with talented sister Courtney in the Junior Dragster ranks. It's crazy how much of my mind space it takes up." Another setback came after Enders returned to Cagnazzi's team in 2011 and became the first woman to win a Pro Stock event a year later.

"Being able to pull through that together as family -- I hate that my dad lost all that money, but we had a blast racing together, and that was a dream of ours." But Erica found herself without a ride for the following season, and with the economy waning, the prospects weren't promising. "Dave was my best friend, he was a groomsman at our wedding and we spent all our time racing together.

It would have been easy to say, 'well, I have an education and I can get a job doing something else probably making more money.' But I would have never been happy, because I eat breathe and sleep drag racing. "He and my husband (Richie Stevens Jr.) were very close, and we chose to spend our personal time together as well.

Alex is a high school student who always feels like he is overshadowed by his little brother Stevie; he can't get the girl of his dreams; he and his two best friends, Abby and James, are ... Besides being blind and being the new kid at school, his problem is that the kids at his new school thinks he's a jerk. See full summary » When the National Hot Rod Association begins a new league for kids, 8-year-old Erica Enders signs up, fully supported by her father.

See full summary » An African American college basketball star becomes the head coach of a yeshiva's struggling basketball team in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, after a knee injury forces him to leave the game. Now Erica always wins and she and her younger sister are beating the boys who are competitively trying to beat them. In the close up of the license plate Erica's truck after she picks up Randy, the expiration year is set to 99 (1999).

But they have to face difficult obstacles that stand in their way of achieving their dreams.

Especially the discrimination they receive because they are girls.

A year after her heart-stopping win over Jason Line in the final race of the season finale made her the first female Pro Stock champion, Enders turned into a beast this season when the races started to matter most.