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Because we loved them, even when their love got a little creepy at times (what with Edward watching Bella sleep and whatnot). Life imitated art when Pattinson started dating his Twilight sweetheart at some point in 2009.

During her 4-year stint as Bella Swan, Stewart took on a number of noteworthy roles including portraying the punk rock icon Joan Jet in 2010's The Runaways and the free-spirited 16-year-old Marylou in 2012's On the Road.This year, we can look forward to seeing Rob in a variety of diverse roles including T. Lawrence (AKA Lawrence of Arabia) in [Queen of the Desert](movie:570407), a fame-obsessed limo driver in [Maps to the Stars](movie:7142) and a paparazzo who befriends James Dean in [Life](movie:974904). B - April 9, 1990)Personal Life: Do I really have to tell the whole depressing tale again?Pattinson is also in talks to play a gangster in a Harmony Korine directed flick. Since Rob and Kristen split to the wailing laments of millions of Twilight fans, Stewart's love life (or lack of it) has been put under the microscope.Not that we could ever forget Kristen Stewart walking down the aisle in that beautiful Carolina Herrera wedding gown or Edward and Bella's vows of undying love. Twilight's Edward Cullen and Bella Swan are celebrating their eighth anniversary today (or third, if we're counting in movie years), Aug.13 — so hopefully the Volturi don't gate-crash whatever party the Cullens are throwing for them. According to this Twilight timeline, Edward and Bella were married on Aug. And even though eight years is probably nothing to them, considering they're immortal and essentially have endless anniversary's ahead, there's still cause for super-fans to celebrate. Cullen are probably spending their anniversary ripping the heads off of some Volturi members or completely demolishing the Cullen family's vacation house.After his Twilight obligations were fulfilled, Pattinson really went down and dirty by taking on the role of a mentally challenged outlaw named Rey in David Michod's [The Rover](movie:395105) (2014).

The 28-year-old actor has received an enormous amount of critical acclaim for this performance.Life After Twilight: Desperate to avoid being typecast as a brooding teen idol, Robert Pattinson's post-Twilight portfolio is a diverse affair.While still portraying Edward Cullen in the five part series, Pattinson took on more left-field roles such as Salvatore Dali in Little Ashes and a 28-year-old billionaire in David Cronenberg's [Cosmopolis](movie:38997) (2012).Stewart finally confirmed her and R-Patz's status when she released the following heartfelt statement; I'm deeply sorry for the hurt and embarrassment I've caused to those close to me and everyone this has affected.This momentary indiscretion has jeopardized the most important thing in my life, the person I love and respect the most, Rob.Since landing a starring role in [Equals](movie:1155043) alongside Nicholas Hoult, the gossip rags have been abuzz with rumors that Jennifer Lawrence was not happy Kristen was anywhere near her boyfriend (which Lawrence later personally denied).

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