Who is adam rodriguez dating 2016

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Adding to the stress, their three children (Kingston, 9, Zuma, 7, and Apollo, 2) will have to move.

That section of the agreement gives Gavin the advantage, because it was Stefani who upgraded the house, adding a guest house and new wing.” As to how Cyrus ended up in the coach chair, there’s more behind-the-scenes drama that resulted in her promotion.Aguilera and Shelton have been feuding, and Christina subsequently arranged for Miley to become a coach to block Gwen from the panel, according to .He “flipped out” after she had a backstage meltdown and now is considering leaving because it brought him to Gwen, but that he ultimately wants to focus more on his career and give other artists the opportunity that he has had,” clarified the insider.As for the meltdown, his 46-year-old girlfriend was upset because she was not the one chosen to replace Christina Aguilera on doesn’t end there.Miley has already met with a wedding planner, and the lovebirds visited Liam’s family last month to discuss possible locations for the ceremony.

Cyrus and Hemsworth initially met in 2009, then started dating and announced their engagement 2012, followed by a split in 2013.

However, she declines to try to intervene with Nick regarding the request to have Constance exhumed again.

This leaves Chelsea irritated and Sharon wound up, and share that Dylan will tell Nick that he may be the only one who can help Adam, as he is the one who has the power to have Constance’s body exhumed.

Late last year, however, they reunited, and Cyrus has been seen flaunting her engagement ring again.

, and spoilers tease that this will be a juicy one.

Michael and Paul will have an intense discussion about Adam’s case.