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The following week we went for a drink and we haven't stopped chatting since. Most of us can lay claim, several times in our lives, to that sense of instant rapport with a stranger.It can be a romance, a friend, a colleague, or a miserable fellow passenger when the plane has been sitting on the Tarmac for three hours.

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It could be Fate that you fell head-over-heels for that handsome stranger you met in a coffee shop - or perhaps you simply discovered you lived near each other.But on a socially acceptable level, 'allowing yourself to be vulnerable helps the other person to trust you, precisely because you are putting yourself at an emotional, psychological, or physical risk' says Ori.'When you're both candid in revealing who you are, you create an environment that can lead to an instant connection - a click.' It works, too, in a romantic context.Admittedly, my first husband and I were horribly ill-suited.Because another key element in clicking is proximity. After years of sharing a large office with her colleague Steve, he moved to the desk opposite hers.Studies have found that genuine cheek-by-jowl proximity is more likely to result in genuine rapport, which may explain the number of unlikely romances that form on TV shows such as I'm A Celebrity... They started chatting, which turned to flirting, and soon they were kissing at the office party. 'But if I hadn't had all those little chances to chat to him during the day, I'd never have got to know him properly,' she admits.The first of the five factors makes perfect sense: when you're willing to open up, the other person is far more likely to be honest about themselves in return.

even a small 'reveal' that demonstrates you're human and fallible will instantly relax your new friend. I was awake half the night listening to next door's dog bark' is likely to elicit warmth and an answering confession - 'I'm a terrible sleeper, too.' And once you've passed through that intimacy barrier, it's far easier to connect on a deeper level, say the Brafmans.But sometimes this process is greatly accelerated and the connection seems to form almost magically - we call this "quick-set intimacy".' evidence suggests this sort of bonding and disclosure is vital for a click, romantic or otherwise.Members of a dating site who shared more personal information about themselves online were more likely to experience successful dates.But the first time I met him was at a fancy dress party, a perfect example of the 'adverse circumstances' that the book also cites as leading to a click.We were the only people who'd failed to dress up (me because I didn't know I was supposed to, and him because he thought it was silly).'Before that, I thought he was a bit aloof, but it turned out he was just shy.' So if you want to engineer a click, make sure you're as close as you can get.