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The pictures of you, undressed, are now being relayed on several screens during the break of an NFL game, to the mirth of the entire neighborhood. Your business competitor has sent his drone assassin spider, which he purchased from a bankrupt military contractor, to take you out.

[Ohio State University ] I have read several times that there is evidence of a U-curve in happiness over an individual’s life.However, a research team led by the University of Iowa has challenged this theory by showing that self-awareness is more a product of a diffuse patchwork of pathways in the brain – including other regions – rather than confined to specific areas.[…] “What this research clearly shows is that self-awareness corresponds to a brain process that cannot be localized to a single region of the brain,” said David Rudrauf, co-corresponding author of the paper, published online Aug. “In all likelihood, self-awareness emerges from much more distributed interactions among networks of brain regions.” [Eurek Alert] The tendency for experiences to create more happiness than material possessions is one scientific finding that’s recently received a lot of attention.Once the match is confirmed (a matter of seconds), the assassin spider outruns you with incredible speed into your bedroom, pausing only long enough to dart another needle, this time containing a lethal dose of a synthetically produced, undetectable poison, into your bloodstream.Your assassin, who is on a summer vacation in Provence, then withdraws his spider under the crack of your bedroom door and out of the house and presses its self-destruct button.[Eurek Alert] Researchers found that about 80 percent of all respondents who went through a marital separation ultimately divorced, most within three years. But 15 percent of separations didn’t lead to divorce or reconciliation within 10 years.

Couples in these long-term separations tended to be racial and ethnic minorities, have low family income and education, and have young children.This means that convincing people material possessions aren’t the key to happiness won’t simply help them spend their Christmas bonus more wisely, it may also lead to better overall financial management.[ peer-reviewed by my neurons ] 6 to 10 percent of Americans suffer from depression each year.People are happy in their youth, and happy again after retirement, but suffer from a serious malaise in between as they grapple with their finances, careers and family life.[…] Today I was glad to find some evidence that the U-curve is just a statistical illusion. Frijter’s explanation for the disagreement with the existing literature is that, “happy people in middle age are busy and don’t have time to participate in lengthy questionnaires, leading previous studies to erroneously think there was a huge degree of unhappiness in middle-age.” [Overcoming Bias] A team of organizational behavior scientists recently examined nonharassing sexual behavior at work and its consequences for employees.Self-awareness is defined as being aware of oneself, including one’s traits, feelings, and behaviors.

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