Vancouver social insurance card updating government

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The items listed above are the major things to change after your wedding, but you’ll find even after all of this paperwork, you’ll still see your maiden name popping up throughout your first year of marriage!

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It can also be combined with your driver’s licence. ICBC and the Information and Privacy Commissioner are on board and for you to be, you just have to enroll.

You must do this change in person (There are exceptions, if you live more than 100km from a Service Centre, classic Canada, wide open spaces) at a Service Canada Office.

Don’t forget to bring: your social insurance number, if you haven’t memorized it, your marriage certificate and another piece of ID.

By February 2018, all adult Medical Services Plan (MSP) beneficiaries need to renew their enrolment in MSP and get a BC Services Card. From a transportation perspective, we thought we’d share some of the myths and facts around the cards with you: Myth: I will need to pay outstanding traffic violations like speeding or parking tickets when I go to re-enrol in MSP?

Fact: ICBC has its own processes in place for collecting outstanding traffic violations.

You can also change your marital status and link your account to your spouse’s number.

If you’re opting for a joint account (which we did!Fact: A combined card is optional and entirely your choice.You may combine your driver’s licence and BC Services Card for convenience or keep them independent.If you haven’t heard, the old Care Card and Driver’s Licenses are things of the past.As of February 2013 they joined forces to become the BC Services Card. Well, the cards haven’t been significantly updated in about 20 years and, over that time, technology has advanced a little (insert sarcasm).The procedure for this will vary from company to company.

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