Updating private repo

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For that reason, it is desirable to set up an internal repository to house a copy of artifacts, and to publish private artifacts to.

For the remote repositories, they are used for both downloading and uploading (if you have the permission to do so). If you find that dependencies are not being found, check you have not overridden the remote repository.It is not recommended that you store your JARs in CVS.Maven tries to promote the notion of a user local repository where JARs, or any project artifacts, can be stored and used for any number of builds.Many projects have dependencies such as XML parsers and standard utilities that are often replicated in typical builds.With Maven these standard utilities can be stored in your local repository and shared by any number of builds.The local repository refers to a copy on your own installation that is a cache of the remote downloads, and also contains the temporary build artifacts that you have not yet released.

Remote repositories refer to any other type of repository, accessed by a variety of protocols such as .

These repositories might be a truly remote repository set up by a third party to provide their artifacts for downloading (for example, repo.maven.and uk.house Maven's central repository).

Other "remote" repositories may be internal repositories set up on a file or HTTP server within your company, used to share private artifacts between development teams and for releases.

For example, many commands take a project list as an argument.

You can specify project-list as a list of names or a list of paths to local source directories for the projects: For the specified projects, Repo compares the local branches to the remote branches updated during the last repo sync.

A repository in Maven is used to hold build artifacts and dependencies of varying types.

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