Updating mysql database with php

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If you change it, the database will refuse to start. Disappearing My SQL host tables I've seen this happen a few times. You can typically tell the auto_increment counter is malfunctioning, by seeing an auto_increment of -1 assigned to the last inserted record.To fix - find the last valid auto_increment id by issuing something like: If that doesn't help you can try "killall mysql" and "killall mysqld" Once the database stopped, edit your /etc/file and increase the number of connections.

Reviewing the log files will tell you another instance of My SQL may be running.In most cases it will succeed and the entire process is transparent.Unfortunately if Inno DB fails to repair itself, the -entire- database will not start.Step 3: Dump all tables Step 4: Shutdown database and delete the data directory.Run mysql_install_db to create My SQL default tables Step 5: Remove the innodb_force_recovery line from your /etc/file and restart the database.(It should start normally now) Step 6: Restore everything from your backup Calm Quiet, If you're running on a shared-server hosting platform, you can still export/import all data by using phpmyadmin (should be provided by your host).

I strongly discourage using Inno DB databases on a shared hosting platform.

If you're getting bombarded with queries and you need to be able to connect to the database to make some table changes, set a different port number in your /etc/file, start the database, make any changes, then update the port back to normal (master-port = 3306) and restart. Corrupt Inno DB tables Inno DB tables are my favorite.

Transactional, reliable and unlike My ISAM, Inno DB supports concurrent writes into the same table.

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your shiny My SQL database is no longer running and you want to fix it? I've assembled a list of 7 ways to fix your My SQL database when a simple restart doesn't do the trick, or when you have corrupt tables. Corrupt My ISAM tables My SQL database allows you to define a different My SQL storage engine for different tables.

My SQL will exit with an error message and your entire database will be offline.