Updating my msn messenger

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"They do have end of life dates that we've given them privately," says Munsell.The dates vary by third-party, but official documentation suggests that existing clients using the XMPP protocol will end in October, while MSP clients will cease functioning in March 2014.

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If you install a Skype client then you'll run into an issue with dual notifications.

Munsell admits this is a possibility, but that "the customer just needs to configure those clients so that they're doing pop-up notifications on the one that they want to reply on." It's not an ideal situation, and if you have linked Facebook contacts to your Skype account then you could end up with three contact entries for the same person: Messenger, Skype, and Facebook.

The company doesn't have any immediate plans to link these in the client, so it raises questions over an upgrade that also removes functionality for Windows Live Messenger users.

Skype does not currently support mail notifications, Messenger status updates, and the ability to add additional Messenger contacts.

Microsoft is planning to force existing Windows Live Messengers users to upgrade to Skype from April 8th.

In an effort to phase out its Messenger service, Windows Live Messenger clients will be restricted from signing into the service gradually starting in early April.Munsell says Microsoft is upgrading other apps that access the Messenger service on a case-by-case basis, including mobile apps."On products like Xbox, we'll make announcements at a later date when we have dates to actually announce to customers." The software maker has also notified third parties about its plans to retire the entire Messenger service.Existing Windows Live Messenger users will be greeted with an upgrade notification from April 8th onwards that will prevent them from signing into the service.Microsoft is pre-caching the Skype installer to existing machines to allow users to simply accept the notification and switch over to Skype, while the installer removes Windows Live Messenger.Uber is relocating its San Francisco self-driving car fleet to Arizona, where it says it has the support of Arizona Governor Doug Ducey.