Updating my address book spam

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"Safe" DEAs that have not been abused can be forwarded to a real email account, while messages sent to "compromised" DEAs can be routed to a special folder, sent to the trash, held for spam filtering, or returned as undeliverable if the DEA is deleted outright.

Alternatively, the user may simply decide not to receive further correspondence from the sender.

Such disposable addresses are generally provided by a service company (paid or free) that forwards mail from the DEA to the actual address, but email sub-addressing techniques can also be used to provide a subset of similar advantages.

Disposable email addressing sets up a different, unique email address for every sender/recipient combination.

Whatever the cause, DEA allows the address owner to take unilateral action by simply cancelling the address in question.

Later, the owner can determine whether to update the recipient or not.

Disposable email addresses typically forward to one or more real email mailboxes where the owner receives and reads messages.

The contact with whom a DEA is shared never learns the real email address of the user.

If a database manages the DEA, You can sending email anonymously to someone by using temporary emails but you have’t want to share your personal details with anyone it can also quickly identify the expected sender of each message by retrieving the associated contact name of each unique DEA.

Used properly, DEA can also help identify which recipients handle email addresses in a careless or illegitimate manner.

It operates most usefully in scenarios where someone may sell or release an email address to spam lists or to other unscrupulous entities.

The most common situations of this type involve online registration for sites offering discussion groups, bulletin boards, chat rooms, online shopping, and file hosting services.

Thus, if the DEA should ever change, only one entity needs to be updated.

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    Examples are the accidental release of an email to a spam list, or if the address was procured by spammers.

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