Updating movie maker

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Updating movie maker

Just like Windows Movie Maker, this editor allows the user to add videos, photos, audio, record videos, and make a snapshot.

This article will discuss about the ways on how to solve the most common Movie Maker Errors.

Windows Movie Maker by Microsoft is a piece of freeware video editing software.

It's part of Windows Essentials set of programs and offers the capability to create and edit videos in addition to publishing them on One Drive, Vimeo, You Tube, Flickr and Facebook.

You can get Windows Movie Maker for Windows 10 using the link, or download the complete Windows Live Essentials package to get it.

Ron I was finally able to get it load via uninstalling "Windows Essentials," then downloading the 2012 version (though in may case choosing only the movie player part).

What to do when Movie Maker won't work - If Windows movie maker won't open, before restarting the program, make it a point that the computer have met the minimum system requirements to run the program.

If it still fails, try to update the driver of the video card.

disqus_GOc8e7LZt N I''m having problems with it on Windows 10.

The video works perfectly if I play it on the other video playing programs on my laptop, but when I insert it into WMM, there''s no sound and there''s no video.

Don't forget to check whether it contains the latest video drivers and they're properly installed in the system.

For computers with different brands, the latest drivers are always available on the system manufacturers of that brand. When Movie Maker doesn't have any sound - The most common issue why there isn't any sound would be there's no sound on the imported video in the first place.

Likewise, if there's an audio and the latest version of Windows Live Essentials is being used, just type "services" in the search box.

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