Updating gv n570oc 13i bios

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Updating gv n570oc 13i bios - sex dating in mount montgomery nevada

It would frequently have a black screen on resume from s3 sleep, or often powercycle.This would happen on average of 2-3 times per week.

Anyone used to updating BIOS's on Gigabyte Nvidia cards, and know a proceedure that doesn't require an IQ of 200 or a scientific degree in qauntum mechanics or a hex/dec machine code level in programming to do it? Please note that i have no idea if i can flash both or have to remove one at a time ;) I heard a recent rumour that there is a BIOS update, that fixes some DX11 issues – IE: Crysis 2 for example, of which we have had crashes. Bios version appears to be – Thursday 17th March 2011 – .00.03 Chipset NVC8 revision A1 We are not interested in altering any voltages etc.

Increasing CPU pll to 2.2 did not change this problem. The problem was fixed by increasing system agent to above 1.

At 1 the problem became extremely rare and at 1.1ish it completely went away.

Completely new Intel AHCI / RAID driver and console Google Translate Trying this later...

Hope this help I had the same problem for about a year with my ga-p67x-ud3 b3 board.

I recommend if you have sleep problems with an oced board of this type try a sizeable increase in system agent voltage to at least above 1.

Keep cpu pll off This has gotten a bit offtopic, so back on track. Actually it beeps continually when you try to wake up from S3 after longer period time - 3-7 hours.

If I wake it via power button, it wakes as expected.

But any other way (USB mouse wake, [email protected]), it wakes to the state of continuous beep beep beep.

Turning the PSU off and waiting 10s helps most of the time. Waking within first two hours works reliably via devices as well.

- my onboard LAN is disabled so Energy Efficient Ethernet is not supported by the current NIC driver - ASPM (PCIe - Link State Power Management) is disabled - SATA AHCI drivers are default of MS - Nvidia GPU drivers 326.19, updated multiple times, nothing helped - I tried Bios F06 - F11, now F14 (no major change, just the possibility to turn off S1/S3 sleep capability is now lost) - I tried to reduce CPU OC to stock I'd like to know any more tips, if any of you have gotten new data regarding this problem.

Only updating to the latest that Nvidia has to offer.

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