Updating esx

17-May-2015 20:14 by 3 Comments

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But today’s post is certainly useful for isolated, lab environments, or environments where VUM isn’t installed.

If you have just installed the latest VMware v Sphere 6 for example and want to patch, but you don’t know how?

Step 1: The patch download portal first (you need VMware login – create a free account if you haven’t done yet).

Select the product you want to download patches (in our case ESXi 6.0)Select patches you want to download. Step 2: Download the ZIP file and upload it to a datastore (via vsphere C# client or via Win SCP for example) that is reachable for the host you want to patch (it can be local or shared datastore) As I have a shared datastore on my drobo…Reboot the host and leave the maintenance mode. In case you have a v Sphere cluster in place you can leverage VMware Update manager (VUM) which can orchestrate the patching across your cluster where it goes and puts the host in maintenance mode and evacuates VMs via v Motion automatically each time a host within cluster needs to be patched.

VUM still needs Windows VM (or physical box) to get installed….

But can be installed with an included SQL express DB (in case you don’t have a license of Full SQL server). For other guides, how-to, videos, and news on v Sphere 6 check my v Sphere 6 page!

All VMware patch and update releases are automatically supported at the time of their release, as VMware guarantees compatibility with all patches and updates.

Today however I’ll show you a method which is used in enterprise environment and where we will Upgrade ESXi with VMware Update Manager (VUM).1.

According to the latest KB2145667, you can safely go ahead and finally patch ESXi 6.0 host as the latest ESXi 6.0 patch don’t break anything. Those of you who stepped in and runs v Sphere 6.0, you might want to install latest ESXi VMware patch.

Especially the one fixing the nasty CBT bug, where backing up a virtual machine with Change Block Tracking (CBT) enabled fails on ESXi 6.0.

We will focus on simple CLI method today for environments with single ESXi host.

This can be the case for branch office or a test environment or simply a site without the resources to purchase a license package that includes v Center.

This guide is especially useful if your ESXi host is not connected to the internet.