Updating directadmin

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Here´s a good introduction to Direct Admin Custombuild.

I'll give you the TL; DR version here, but, if you want to know more, read her article. The above command will work on both Debian / Ubuntu and Cent OS.Cent OS To update the software of Cent OS to the latest versions you can execute the following as 'root' user: The custombuild command is a process that compiles the software. For updating PHP you also need to use custombuild as the regular updating process in Cent OS is blocked by Direct Admin.For more information about Cent OS you can check out wiki.It's generic enough for all control panels and non-supported webservers by Let's Encrypt. We'll do a couple of things, namely: After step 3, everything is automatic, including renewals.Do note that the last step of the article requires you to have set up a website and a domain already.Your Cent OS and Direct Admin installation can be updated separately from each other.

Beware: We advise you to always create a snapshot before you update your VPS and software.If you´re hosting your Word Press sites on an unmanaged VPS, you´ll have to perform all system updates and upgrades yourself.The control panel Direct Admin offers a handy tool that makes keeping your server packages updated a breeze. This script package allows Direct Admin users to install and upgrade services like Apache, PHP and My SQL from a central place.Let's Encrypt is a new certificate authority, recognized by all major browsers.They make it a breeze to set up TLS certificates for your web server. Let's Encrypt is supported by major players like Mozilla, Akamai, Cisco, the EFF, the Internet Security Research Group and others.I have had some issues updating Direct Admin through remote terminal (putty) in combination with unstable internet connections. Therefore I have created the following sh script: What it does, or tries, is create a time based directory and output to log file (2 different files because one of them is very long).

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