Updating a bathroom on a budget

19-Jul-2015 02:32 by 5 Comments

Updating a bathroom on a budget - dating advertising

Before and After Bathroom space by Centsational Girl The layers of any space are key to making it unique and interesting.

I feel the light fixture in a space is so important.

If it’s not structurally stable or you don’t love the look, ditch it, but if it can be used there is a little prep work before you paint…

Start by removing the doors and give them a good cleaning (). Check out this awesome bathroom upgrade with a newly painted cabinet…

A fixture can truly make or break a room, and typically I live by the motto ! I’m all for good light in a bath space, but you don’t need a blinding light that is glaring into your eyes every time you enter.

How many of you have those old eye-ball style fixtures with 3 or 5 or 7 bulbs across and every time you walk into the bath you cringe because it’s so bright? Upgrade to a fixture(s) that is different and maybe not typical for a bathroom.

Since the fixtures of a bathroom are often white or light-colored, think about adding a pop of color on the walls.

Or, if you’re desiring a serene and calming space, go light – not white, but light. Check out one of my all-time favorite before and after bathroom makeovers that incorporates a splash of color fun on the walls, via BHG…

Lowe’s and I are going through the pictures and next Monday will be the day when you’ll get to see what reader submitted bathroom we chose, along with a Creative Vision Board ‘plan of action’ for the space.

In the meantime, I wanted to share my thoughts ideas with ALL of you on 5 Budget-Friendly Ways to Update a Bathroom…

Even more so, I love all the added layers color that can be brought into a bathroom to make it not only a functional space, but a magical oasis – ) can seem daunting when thinking about a makeover.

There’s plumbing, electrical, tile, and more that is involved in changing.

I’ve been working on my fair share of client kitchens lately, which I adore, but I’m equally obsessed with revamping bathrooms.