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Ukraine paid dating - Online se message chat

And that’s normal because we have very different cultures.The problem is that Western men who look for a Russian or/and Ukrainian woman for marriage learn too little about the culture, traditions as well as history of the home country of their future wife; therefore, they have some difficulties to understand what exactly Ukrainian women expect from them.

Therefore, children in Ukraine and Russia are (still) brought up traditionally, too.As for me, the variety in the ways of paying is more pleasant than going Dutch.If I see that my man is ready to pay for me and wants to share with me what he has, it makes me happy and, of course, I want to share my finances with him in this case, too.Of course, I can understand these feelings of Western men because I’m familiar with the Western culture.The dating and relationship process runs very differently here than in Ukraine.What I want to say is that we can take turns to pay for things and it doesn’t have to be only him or me, who pays.

The Ukrainian and Russian people still live in a traditional society, namely: the man is supposed to be the head of the family and he is the breadwinner.

American, English or German women are more independent and emancipated than Russian and Ukrainian women.

For example, this is very common in Germany that women and men pay separately at restaurants, cinemas or cafes.

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On the other hand, Ukrainian women often mistakenly assume that Western men are similar to their Ukrainian and Russian partners and expect the same things from Western men, which Ukrainian men give them in the relationship.