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Don’t send them an unsolicited picture and don’t ask them.Point being: just because you are behind a screen on Tinder doesn’t mean you should text something you wouldn’t say in real life. Beautiful girls have to deal with these guys all the time, and therefore are defensive until you show them that you are not one of them (you’re not right? Just make the first couple of texts about stuff that shows that you are NOT a weirdo.

When we are talking about the hotter chicks 6 , you need to increase your cockiness, and at the same time accept that you won’t get all the pussy. You decided on the type a girl she is and now know what NOT to do.

If you don’t have some super pussy magnet pictures or look like Brad Pitt, you have to take a chance.

Your normal response like “Hey :)” will have low success with such a chick.

This is not an exact science, and should be taken lightly. After the free tips there is an option to pay for some crazy effective stuff.

However, it shows that with the HB (hot babes) 3-5 you can be way more mellow and just build trust. We covered the basics here, but this video will teach you some insane stuff that is guaranteed to get you laid. I definitely recommend you to invest in it, but if you’re broke just watch the free video, it contains some gold nuggets as well 😉 Disclaimer: I am not liable for how you choose to use these hacks.

It’s like negotiating a deal – you have to be willing to cut your losses and walk away or they’ll smell your desperation like a ravenous animal. You are already better off than 95% of the men on Tinder.

Finding the right words to start a conversation can be hard, especially if you're talking to a stranger on a dating app. AND – you need to be clever, witty, interesting and intriguing without being creepy. Now comes the hard part, you actually need to talk to the girl.When I say ‘she is interested in you’ I just mean that she is interested in finding out more about you. She is not into you yet, but she is open to communicate and see where it goes. Now fap, clean up, relax, and let’s analyze the situation with a clear mind. So far she has only seen your Tinder pictures, and your profile text. Are you good looking, or are you doing interesting stuff in your pictures? Why would she have swiped right in the first place.Answer honestly and please drop all the self-destructive “I don’t know… she is like an angel farting rainbows, and I’m just a troll living in my mom’s basement”. Now look at all the information you have about her. That greatly affects how you should formulate your tinder pickup lines.This could be a whole blog post by itself but I will keep it to the essentials. First of all, let’s actually assume that she IS interested in you.

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