Starview 3 keeps updating

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The planet, moons, and rings of interest (or comet, nucleus, and tail), stars, the sun, and the spacecraft are all accurately drawn with wireframe representations. Gravity3D Download Description: Gravity3D simulates galaxy collisions using the gravity equation F=G*M1*M2/R^2 It displays hundreds of thousands of stars in realtime using Open GL.Various parameters can be changed including the number of galaxies and stars.

ISS VRM Simulator Download Description: A Virtual Reality Simulator for the International Space Station.The 3D models are based on the remarkable Hipparcos and Tycho Catalogues.Celestia Download Description: Celestia is a free real-time space simulation that lets you experience our universe in three dimensions.It offers the posibility to view satellites, planets, asteroids, comets, centaurs, transneptunian objects, 400 stars, most of the nebulas and clusters around our Sun on a 7000 l.y range.It also displays all the Messier objects, 750 transneptunians, 10 000 asteroids, 300 comets, 100 centaurs.Take a dive into the milkyway to stars up to magnitude 14 .

Orbiter Download Description: ORBITER is a realistic space simulation using proper physics for the modelling of planetary motion, gravitational fields, free space and atmospheric flight etc.Lunar Globe, the Virtual Museum of Lunar Vehicles Download Description: Lets you interactively survey the lunar sphere, lunar formations and other objects without an astronomical telescope."Interactively" means you can select objects to survey, control position of a virtual point of view and field of vision.You may explore the interactive map of lunar craters, with help of a Lunar Globe's dynamical interface.Mars Explorer, Mars3D, Venus3D & Earth 3D Download Description: Mars Explorer allows you to fly at thousands of km/h or drive at 50km/h over an accurately rendered Martian landscape covering an area of 1000kmx1000km.Partiview Download Description: Partiview (Particle View) is a program that visualizes and animates three dimensional particle data.

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