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” set people at ease, you might consider simple questions.Some people suggest that you ask your speed date about their views on politics or religion, but I personally feel it’s seldom a good idea to discuss those topics.

Usually, if you want to get to know them on a more private level, you continue the speed date after the five minutes are up.

Attending speed dating sessions can involve a lot of tense and nerve-wracking situations.

Speed dating involves a lot of possible rejection, if you consider a short conversation with no date at the end to be a rejection.

Asking someone about politics on your speed date might reveal a lot about your date, but it could also alienate a person.

You might consider more neutral, but more telling, questions like family and job-related questions.

Oftentimes, online dating sites like host meet-ups and different events. A speed date is a 5-minute meeting between you and one other person.

The purpose of the speed date is to find out if the two of you have a possible connection.If you don’t make a connection immediately, consider each progressive speed date as a chance to practice making a first impression.Remember, you only have about 5 minutes, so keep things brief and short. Don’t get too gimmicky, but you might consider beforehand which traits and facts about yourself you want to highlight. People are now attending “speed dating” sessions online, where you can e-date many people in one evening.Speed dating can be a great way to meet many people in a short amount of time.Keep in mind that speed dating is not always effective and it does not always work for you.