Shia labeouf dating sarah roemer

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Every scene I did with him was absolutely incredible.He’s so inspiring just to watch, even in between takes.

He just kind of handed it over and said, ‘This helps,’ and walked away. He was trying to help me.’ But I absolutely loved working with him.

Directed by D J Caruso (The Salton Sea) and starring the super busy Shia La Beouf, Disturbia mixes suspense, humor and a little romance to tell the tale of a teen (La Beouf) forced into staying at home who finds the best way to kill time is to spy on his neighbors - one of whom might actually be killing more than just time. It is a lot about the characters and I think that makes the end even scarier.”Looking Hot While Dripping Wet: Roemer’s character comes knocking on Shia La Beouf’s door right after taking a dip in the pool. I remember the crew guys, there was one on my side of the glass and one on the other.

Relating to Being the New Girl in Town: Roemer’s experienced it so she knew exactly what it feels like to be the new face on the block. I left home when I turned 17 and ran away to New York. I was based in New York and country-hopping, so I was always ‘the new girl’.”Shooting the Film and the Appeal of Disturbia: Roemer revealed director D J Caruso shot as much of the film as possible in the order of the scenes. They each have an earpiece and they had their hands over their mouths talking to each other, both looking at me through the glass. I’m trying to do a scene here.’”Working with David Morse: Morse is good at playing bad, and his portrayal of the creepy neighbor who may be a serial killer is very spooky onscreen.

The brunette then added, 'We were two stupid kids who had no business being in a relationship in the first place.' The 31-year-old actress also said, 'To all the other costars who've worked it out, more power to you.'Chad made news in February for going on an extreme diet to lose weight for Other People's Children.

'I played a homeless heroin addict,' the New York native said of his role in the Liz Hinlein-directed drama.

It’s hard to say.”On the Voyeuristic Aspect of Filming Disturbia: La Beouf’s character is spying on Roemer’s while she’s swimming, relaxing in the sun, and getting ready for bed.

Watching those scenes in the finished Disturbia film was a bit surreal for Roemer who had no idea what was going on in La Beouf’s half of those scenes.“Shia’s character is very cute and charming,” answered Roemer very diplomatically.“I think most girls would be happy with that.” And what if that guy just happened to be watching her from afar and picking up on all her likes and dislikes?Stewart confirmed earlier this year that she and Pattinson were dating, following rumours of a relationship stemming back to 2008, when the pair first began starring together in the Twilight film series. In an interview with GQ magazine, Stewart said she will never speak openly about her relationship, explaining: 'I don’t worry about it at all. Pretty much oatmeal, egg whites, salads, chicken, tuna - that's pretty much it.