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Because of these factors, many immigrants, even Sydneysider-transplants, are coming to Melbourne.Also, housing is considerably cheaper here than in Sydney.4) Ethnic Diversity galore One-fourth of Melburnians are foreign born.

Although exceptional, Marvellous Melbourne can experience floods, tornadoes, snow and heatwaves at strange times and in a bizarre order.

The transportation system has accommodated both living possibilities.

The privatized transportation system offers train service throughout the city and to the fringes of the suburbs. And if your work is located in the CBD (Central Business District), you can take the free City Circle Tram.

It is just that there is a preponderance of certain ethnic groups in specific areas. Shopping, employment and entertainment are all around.

So, this is a great area to live, work and date.7) Sports. Melbourne has been called the World’s Ultimate Sport City.

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The dating activities are endless in Melbourne, a culturally rich hot spot.There are 9 football teams, with 5 matches a week in the AFL!It also has rugby (Melbourne Storm), netball (the Vixens), and basketball (the Tigers).This state capital of Victoria is located at the mouth of the Yarra River and the shoreline of Port Phillips Bay.Since the gold rush, it has been known as ‘Marvellous Melbourne.’ The eye enjoys the architectural mélange of Victorian and modern throughout the city.2) Climate, what to expect Melbourne enjoys a temperate climate, for the most part.