Sedating pigs

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Sedating pigs - did andrew bynum dating rihanna

I also don’t want her outside passed out from drugs on a rainy day and drowned.And we can’t get her feet trimmed in the blazing sun either.

But she is my responsibility and we have come to the place where we understand each other for what we are. I have researched and organized every possible piece of information, advice and available tool to make this task as quick, safe, and painless as possible.

Therefore delivering the dose of sedation, 1-1/2 inches into whatever lies there.

(Based on my inability to ever get sleeping resting static pig I suppose this is still fat). Which leaves me and my protective, “Get out of the way, I’ll do it! He is trying to protect me, but really he doesn’t know what he’s doing, so I ignore him, which turns into a heated discussion in the pig pen.

It is our normal scheduling for the day ahead of us events.

That way we can monitor each other’s progress and provide a gentle reminder should one of us stray from the “have to get done” list.

I have been planning today’s events for about 8 months. My first pig, “Miss Piggy,” (of course) was a rescue.

I am a nervous jittery mess the night before, and the whole morning of…. She was about 150 pounds, solid black, and sweet, gentle, and affectionate. I always told anyone who ever asked about why I would have a pig that she is the easiest pet you could ever ask for. Sadly she died about 4 years ago from old, old age at 17 years old. She was grown in a lab at Johns Hopkins heart center to be a heart valve donor for a research program.

The sky is bright blue and a few rounded rotund clouds slowly speckle the sky. The thermometer reads 78 degrees and hasn’t budged a bit in 5 hours.

We went to bed last night with a plan for the following day at home.

She doesn’t want to hate me, and she tolerates me far better than anyone else, but I don’t trust that little white torpedo at all. With the help of VIN (Veterinary Information Network) I gathered the consensus of advice that was posted on “PBP (pot belly pig) anesthesia.” (It is a very short advice section full of lots of things like “good luck,” and sarcasm).

There are many things that have to come into alignment for a pig trimming to take place.

The weather has to be perfect for at least two days.

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