Secret dating quotes

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Secret dating quotes - things to ask when dating someone

After a while, however, the secrecy of the relationship can become a chore and you are forced to re-evaluate your reasons for keeping your secret and look at the cost of it on your well-being It can jeopardize the future of the relationship When you keep your relationship a secret you are preventing true intimacy from developing and therefore running the risk of ruining the relationship before it really has a chance to begin.Relationships need firm foundations in order to thrive and one of the most important components of this is trust.

Sometimes the reason for a secret relationship is down to the fact that you don’t really want to be together, or know deep down that you shouldn’t be together.

Maybe you're just a private person, and you don't like your personal business blasted to everyone all the time.

Either way, you can take some steps to keep your relationship a secret.

Hiding aspects of your life can cause you to feel paranoid, fearful and insecure at worst and, at best, separated and isolated from those who are closest to you.

You should examine why you and your significant other want to keep the relationship secret. Sometimes it helps just to come clean if you are worried about what other people will think.

In the beginning, a secret relationship can feel exciting and mysterious.

You arrange dates outside your usual bars and restaurants and you put a fake name into your mobile phone so no-one really knows who’s calling.The longer the relationship is kept a secret, the more likely it is that the other significant people in your life will be hurt when they discover the truth.It can make you feel bad about yourself According to psychologists, keeping one’s relationship secret may have the same detrimental health effects as hiding any other important aspect of the self.If this is the case, you’re better off cutting your losses before anyone gets hurt.You may be going against your own values Is it your idea or are you going along with it because your partner insists it’s what they want?I've been thinking about this and I decided that a best friend is someone who, when they don't understand, they still understand.” ― Nancy Werlin, “Fred and George, however, found all this very funny.