School dating site

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School dating site

"The guys place the same priority on education and the same passion for their careers as I do," Hirner said.

He opened her profile and saw her name was Michelle Przybyski. One walk of four hours with Lalinde's dog, Domino, around campus and a date at the library (that didn't really involve studying) later, the two Columbia University graduate students applied for a marriage license in New York just 10 days after meeting in person. With countless dating websites such as, and, the online dating market is a bit crowded.

This month, the site launched at 140 more schools nationwide, giving more college students the opportunity to meet their future husbands or wives.

Alexa and Meyer, both recent graduates of the Business School, came up with the idea after a girlfriend complained that there was not enough testosterone in the School of Social Work.

The solution: A dating website exclusively for college students.

With more than 20,000 registered users, the site continues growing and has doubled its members in the past four months.

"I think we are responsible for more than half of the dates and meetings between students on campus," Alexa said.

He added that the site is successful because it's safe, and it works.Some have compared it to Facebook -- pointing out that the social network was also open to only college students when it began.But Alexa insists Date My School is not the next Facebook.That's the beauty of Date My School, says Julie Spira, an online dating expert and author of "The Perils of Cyber Dating." "A student at GW might want to meet someone to date at American University," she said."Now, it's both technically and geographically possible for them to find love online." College: hookups in, dating out The site fills a void for college students in the online dating world.According to Spira, about 25% of users are 30 years or younger, and there's no guarantee they're college grads.

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