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Schecter guitar dating - great dating profile

This guitar is a fantastic player with a well-chosen resonant piece of ash, perfectly dressed and seated frets, and immaculately constructed. In fact, with a custom set of strings you can use Baritone tuning, with extra high 1st and 2nd strings.

One thing that really sets it apart from traditional Fenders is Rahbek's neck joint which is considerably deeper than a Fender and beveled to be very thin where your hand comes around.

The Wilkinson bridge that's installed is a good compromise between vintage and modern.

It retains the back half of the traditional bridge but doesn't surround the pickup, therefore eliminating the shortcomings of the vintage bridge.

From what I gather, his shop can be considered sort of the Tom Anderson of Denmark, in fact his new headstock resembles Anderson, and Suhr for that matter.

He offers three standard models, with enough custom options to make every guitar as unique as you'd like it to be.

It has had the bridge replaced which left three small holes barely visible ().

Some builders don't favor the vintage bridge, believing that it makes the pickup more harmonic and prone to squealing.

You won't find a Tele that's easier to play in the upper register.

Also, they went with neck screws recessed into the body, rather than through a neckplate, with a greater distance between the screws to increase stability.

He offers this COS-T, (short for "Cozmic" Tele), as well a Standard (Strat) and Classic.

His guitars aren't cheap but considering that they're *genuinely* hand-made, informed players won't feel like they're over priced.

The brass saddles are compensated for more accurate intonation.

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