Real online dating stories

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Before that, I had dabbled with internet dating on and off for several years, mainly out of curiosity.

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Equally, however, it's full of well-adjusted, intelligent, witty, fun, interesting people.

Of course, like dating in real life, it's not without its pitfalls - the main one being the inability to test chemistry.

One date had been the Banter King over email but remained resolutely mute during our coffee, forcing me to fill the silence with inane chatter which bored myself, never mind him.

A week after our first email we went for coffee, which turned into brunch, which turned into drinks and five months later we were living together - something which shocked my friends who had long consigned me to the commitment-phobe bin.

He has led a completely different life to me, travelling the world, and drags me out of my cosy Dublin-centric comfort zone.

He told The Guardian newspaper: "If you meet someone who has different interests, they can open your eyes to something different and something you've not experienced before." That's certainly what worked for me.

On paper my partner and I have very little in common which, rather than causing issues, makes for a much more interesting life.

Best of all, though, he makes me laugh, mostly at myself, which is a welcome relief when life throws difficulties at you.

As a couple we've had our fair share of those in our relatively short time together but he's still here, making me laugh, sharing the burdens and making life easier to negotiate.

Had I not waded my way through all those other dates I may never have clicked on his profile.

The type of people who use dating websites, they're exactly the same people you find in real life - including the undesirables.

Since the advent of Tinder, the dating app of the Millennial, with all its immediacy, accessibility, and sheer ubiquity, however, online dating is no longer a dirty concept. In a world where we spend as much time online as IRL (in real life) it's hardly surprising dating has become something we're as likely to conduct via a screen as socialising, networking, flirting, or working.

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