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Core LH-4 was analyzed for bulk density, % LOI, and grain size at 1 cm intervals and LH-Long was analyzed for grain size at 2 cm intervals.

In order to place the current transformation of the Arctic into context and anticipate the effects of future climate change, Arctic climate change in the past must be quantified and understood (D’Andrea et al., 2012). I., Mangerud, J., 1997, Holocene glacial and climatic variations on Spitsbergen, Svalbard: Holocene, v.

Uranium-series dating is a critical tool in quaternary geochronology, including paleoclimate work, archaeology and geomorphology.

Laser ablation (LA) methods are not as precise as most isotope dilution methods, but can be used to generate calendar ages rapidly, expanding the range of dating tools that can be applied to late Pleistocene carbonates.

Uncertainty on the measured (Carbonate materials such as corals and speleothems are utilised in a wide variety of ways to investigate past ocean and climate states such as sea-level determination through glacial/interglacial cycles (Broecker et al., 1968, Fairbanks, 1989, Gallup, 1997, Potter et al., 2004, Richards et al., 1994 and Thompson et al., 2011), tracking changes in Asian monsoon intensity (Cheng et al., 2006, Dykoski et al., 2005 and Wang et al., 2001) and assessing ventilation rates of the deep ocean (Adkins et al., 1998, Burke and Robinson, 2012, Mangini et al., 1998 and Robinson et al., 2005).

Underpinning these studies is the ability to assign an age to the carbonate material using the decay of uranium-series (U-series) isotopes.

Furthermore, research by Leonard (1997) suggests that over longer timescales (centuries to millennia) the varved sediment record will likely reflect longer scale changes in glacier position. M., 1997, The relationship between glacial activity and sediment production: evidence from a 4450-year varve record of neoglacial sedimentation in Hector Lake, Alberta, Canada.

The two sediment cores analyzed in this study (LH-4 and LH-Long) were collected in the spring of 2012 from the distal basin of Linnévatnet at site H, shown in Figure 1.

This study aims to build upon previous research at Linnévatnet and studies on other proglacial lake systems to relate the physical characteristics of the sediment record to past climatological and watershed conditions.

The annual nature of Linnévatnet’s varved sediment record allows these environmental conditions to be projected into the past with yearly resolution.

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Through the application of dating methods from Ketterer et al.

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