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Quran dating - advanced book dating guest

This round’s investors consisted of ID Ventures, POSCO Capital, and Mirae Asset Capital.

ELEVEN: ZULU CAPITAL, a new VC from Los Angeles, Calif. Beyound K is a program which plans and creates contents for Hallyu based global creators.

CSP Media game solution connects user’s smartphones with a smart TV (including TV with OTT…

Mobile, Game and Technology investment specialist, K Cube Ventures and Stone Bridge Capital have invested US0k (KRW 1b) into Washon, a laundry service operator.

Start-up company ‘Mirion’ is now developing ‘b CODE’.

b CODE is a binary code which can be written by hand for management of online and offline data collectively, it is also a way of providing internet connection to different…

Washon is an on-demand laundry service allowing its users to select collection…

Cherubic Ventures kicked off 2016 with an annual summit in the glamorous Shanghai, where East meets the West.

One advised to pay a good attention to the ‘Post-8090’ generation.

The Post-8090 generation, often named balinghou (Post-80) or jiulinghou…

Seoul, Korea 22th Aug – be SUCCESS has successfully closed a Pre-Series A round with investors from Korea, USA, China, and Japan, in order to grow its expanding brand as a leading media platform for news on Korean startups,…

Seoul, Korea 10th Aug -Beginning (beginning.xyz), an ambitious new service launched by be SUCCESS founder and CEO James Jung (Hyun Wook Jung), is an online hub that seeks to bridge businesses, investors, and various government agencies across… (BBB), a mobile healthcare startup, announced million in Series A fundraising.

Even if YOU don't know what faith you are, Belief-O-Matic® knows.

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    (In Israel, a Pay is substituted for the Shin.) As you saw in the news, another way to play is to have a contest to see who can spin it the longest.