Perl open updating file in place

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A metacharacter is one or more special characters that have a unique meaning and are NOT used as literals in the search expression, for example, the character ^ (circumflex or caret) is a metacharacter.An escape sequence is a way of indicating that we want to use one of our metacharacters as a literal.

This stuff is hard enough without us introducing careless errors. Those of you who were tearing your hair out in frustration can now stop.Examples: To find the absolute filesystem path of the directory containing a web page, copy the code below into a new text file, save the file as (thus making a simple PHP web page), and move that file to your web server.Then direct your web browser to the URL address of that file (e.g. Back to the Top In Word Press; an Action is a PHP function that is executed at specific points throughout the Word Press Core.In a regular expression an escape sequence involves placing the metacharacter \ (backslash) in front of the metacharacter that we want to use as a literal, for example, if we want to find (s) in the target string window(s) then we use the search expression \(s\) and if we want to find \file in the target string c:\file then we would need to use the search expression \\file (each \ we want to search for as a literal (there are 2) is preceded by an escape sequence \).These are Browser ID Strings and appear as the Apache Environmental variable HTTP_USER_AGENT (full list of Apache environmental variables).On Microsoft Windows, they begin with a drive letter and use a backslash to separate directory names (though forward slashes can be used as well).

Absolute paths on mac OS and Linux lack drive letters and use a forward slash as the directory separator.(also known as a full path) The complete location of a file or directory within a computer filesystem.An absolute path starts at the root directory (or drive letter) and continues up the directory hierarchy until the specific file or directory is reached.Extended Regular Expressions (EREs) will support Basic Regular Expressions (BREs are essentially a subset of EREs).Most applications, utilities and laguages that implement RE's, especially PERL, extend the ERE capabilities and what are typically called PERL Compatible Regular Expressions (PCREs) have, largely, become a de facto standard.There is no gentle beginning to regular expressions. We are going to be using the terms literal, metacharacter, target string, escape sequence and search expression (aka regular expression) in this overview.

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