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For the second year in a row, Little Rose will have a booth at the French Festival held in Riverside Park in downtown Woonsocket. They will have some of her relics on display, literature on her life and hand outs. On Saturday May 14, 60 people gave up their afternoon of hot weather and sun shine to attend a lecture on Little Rose and view some of her relics. If you were not able to attend either of the first 2, we anticipate holding another in the Fall, see you then.

A few no longer exist but people still remember them so we included them. Feel free to Join us from 9-2Again, the Woonsocket Historical Society had a booth at the French Festival in September.

It gives when they were put into place and the reason behind them. Manned by Jared and Britanny, information on Woonsocket was passed out and itmes they have for sale were displayed.

A repeat presentation is being planned for end of February or April for those who could not make it to this one.

On January 23, 2016 at the Woonsocket Harris Public Library in Woonsocket, a lecture on Marie Rose Ferron will be given at 2 pm.

Some of her personal items will be on display and there will be a question and answer period after the presentation. Despite the snowy weather yesterday, the lecture on Little Rose given at the library was well attended.

Some 60 brave hearts came and listened to David Ethier speak on her life, a full house. There were several display cases containing items from her life from what she wore to items she made.

Well this year’s book from the Woonsocket Historical Society can help answer some of the questions.

It is a soft cover six by nine booklet, with color pictures, of 79 of the cities memorials. Good Morning Everyone just a reminder the Woonsocket Historical Society will have a booth at the Quota Club Bazar @ The Elks Lodge Located at 380 Social St, Woonsocket, RI 02895.

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The Woonsocket Historical Society had published a new book! This book is currently .00 per copy and will be available, at The Historical Society during the Holiday Stroll.

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