Online dating in chennai

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Chennai International Airport is very conveniently located only 15 kilometers (9 miles) south of the city center. Three wheeled auto rickshaws offer the easiest way of getting around but unfortunately fares are relatively expensive and rarely charged as per the meter.

Chennai is located in the state of Tamil Nadu, on the eastern coast of India. Chennai has a hot and humid climate, with summer temperatures in late May and early June often reaching an extreme 38–42 degrees Celsius (100–107 degrees Fahrenheit).

It's a sprawling and busy, yet conservative, city with deep traditions and culture that are yet to give way to the growing foreign influence there.

This Chennai guide and city profile is full of travel information and tips.

The annual Pongal festival also happens mid January.

However, Chennai unfortunately lacks the cosmopolitan nightlife of other Indian cities.

Mid range hotels also provide great value for money.

And, if you want to try something different with a personal touch, stay at a bed and breakfast!Here are 12 of the Best Chennai Hotels with convenient locations for all budgets.Chennai is a relatively safe destination that experiences less crime than most other major Indian cities. Beggars specifically target foreigners and can be quite aggressive.There are two amusement parks located a short distance from the city -- the amusement park at VGP Golden Beach, and MGM Dizzy World.The five week Madras Music Season in December and January is a big cultural draw card.It's a good idea to hire one of these taxis to go sightseeing, as attractions are very spread out. It's a city that requires time and effort to really get to know and appreciate it.

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