Online dating for executives

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Online dating for executives

Where your online love life is concerned, the one who wants something, so go get it!Being proactive by reaching out to your matches is a must for both women and men.

Most sites delete your message history after a mere 30 days.

You wouldn’t let a business lead fall off the radar because they didn’t email you back, right? Following up shows that you’re still interested and gives your match that perfect opportunity to continue the conversation. Don’t Mention The Competition Dating online means that you have access to potentially thousands of singles with a few keystrokes, but that doesn’t make it OK to talk about your other experiences with a match.

Discussing or asking about other dates is a surefire way to kill any budding chemistry.

The dynamics of dating are different when we’re talking digital.

If you show up on page 20 of your perfect match’s search results, they simply might not come across your profile! Embrace Excel If you thought Microsoft Office was only for your professional life, think again.

You can remain proactive by setting daily goals to check the status of your accounts.

Whether you’re dedicating 20 minutes to each account or committed to signing out only after you’ve sent five witty messages, getting specific with numbers will help you develop a routine that fits your lifestyle. Downloadable Apps Your thumbs are attached to your i Phone anyway, so you may as well download some apps to assist in your dating life too.

You’ll meet a broader group of singles than if you just stick with what you know.

After all, no one gets ahead by staying in their comfort zone. Take Initiative In your executive life, people come to you when they need something.

Whether you’re e-mailing, chatting on the phone or sharing a bottle of wine, focus on the two of you.

Be confident enough in your strengths to keep your competition out of conversation. Give a Call To Action Online dating is all about getting offline.

Every major site has a mobile app that will notify you when you get a wink or message, assuring that you can stay connected even while you’re boarding the red eye to New York. Flirting Channels While it may seem contradictory to the term “efficient,” putting your profile on multiple dating sites is integral to online dating success.