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I tend to think that it’s best that I don’t get wasted in front of my husbands bosses.

In fact, in the past two years I’ve just worn a simple black cocktail dress and I’ve fit in just fine.It’s nice to see the guys my husband spends the majority of his life with.First thing is first — remember, this is a work function.I don’t know about your ball, but our ball is a drink fest.My theory is that my husband is a Marine and is celebrating their birthday, and it’s probably a little different if he gets wasted then if I get falling down drunk.I uttered a word to my husband at the last ball because he put his chair on my purse and he looked at me like I had just farted in church.

The last few years have been an open bar and people pay a lot of money for tickets to keep that way.Now, I’m hardly a fashionista or etiquette expert, but I’d like to pass on some of the things I’ve observed in the last decade or so of balls.You will be hanging out with the people your spouse both works for and who work for him or her.I find it important to just keep this in the back of your mind as you pick out what you’re wearing, what you’re talking about, and how many times you hit the bar.And as we hit the 10 year mark at war, it’s a chance to remember what we are a part of, to honor the service of all Marines, past and present, and to remember those who have sacrificed.Dresses that might have worked at prom when you were 17 might not be considered appropriate for the ball.