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He has sold more than 180 million records, appeared in more than 80 films and was voted Time magazine's entertainer of the 20th century, edging out Elvis and Bob Dylan.

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Perhaps this is that case when powerless silence is chosen over a squeal and a crooked smile is enough to signify happiness.

After all, his dream is a substance that constantly requires nourishment.

And that nourishment is ignited from the recollection born of Khrushchev's photograph, from archival Soviet images, and from the promises of a preaching MP who visits the village. The director and producers several times wrote, developed, and re-edited both the entire script and individual dialogues.

Aram Shahbazyan in all seriousness says he can't be considered a good director, but he is a master of accurate casting.

Of course Shahbazyan is extremely modest (only a director who feels the pulse of cinema and the sense of time can do this), but the distribution of roles in the film is so scrupulous and calculated that no character feels fake.

Les fonds collectés seront utilisés pour promouvoir le spectacle dans toutes les villes de France concernées.

Cette communication aura pour objectif de sensibiliser un public éclectique et pas forcément d'origine arménienne, afin que celui-ci découvre à travers "Un Siècle Après" l'histoire et la richesse de cette culture plusieurs fois millénaires.

For days and years on end, he delicately removes a small Moskvitch model car from its velvet case, wiping the dust and polishing it with love and care.

He has a wife, a son (a labor migrant in Russia who regularly sends money to his parents), a dilapidated house, and an inexplicable job (part construction worker, part carpenter and part whatever comes his way).

The film's main character is played by Gavar theater actor Martun Ghevondyan, whose Hmayak is recognizable like childhood scars.

This type of fragile person, when needed, will be the first to take the world's burden on his shoulders and take it obediently (and it makes no difference to where).

The main character of the film is an elderly refugee named Hmayak Avanesyan, who being a Soviet man dreamed of having a Moskvitch, a type of automobile made in Russia, his entire life.

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    He was also fond of dressing up in a cloak and playing ethereal music on the glass harmonica whilst this was happening.