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For instance, years ago I wrote an article on 30-Somethings married 10 years or more, which is exceptional in this day and age. It could be friends, family members, a role model, a celebrity or your pet.Be sure to include a brief explanation of why you love them.

You can ask your readers to share why they love their mates; share funny couple photos; or share the wildest place they had sex.How-To Posts Write how-to posts for married couples, dating couples and people who want to be coupled.Following are samples of each post: Married couples: How to date your spouse Dating couples: How to become the mate you desire People who want to be coupled: How to be happily single until love finds you Profile Posts You can profile couples that have inspired you.Debate Start a debate between your male and female readers by sharing misconceptions and stereotypes about love and relationships.If things get too steamy, you may have moderate the debate.To take the contest to the next level, ask readers to vote on the best answers.

You can also ask your audience to donate gifts if they have businesses. Problem/Solution Share a common relationship problem or a real situation of your readers and ask your audience to share solutions.

In fact, I was introduced to Dorothy & Verne Peterson by someone I met on one of my social networks.

Contest or Giveaway This is the perfect time to host a contest or giveaway with a fabulous gift for couples.

Please remember the purpose of the Date Night event.

While the sale of the buttons is a needed fundraiser for Preserve Marriage Ministries, the main purpose is to create an intentional opportunity for husbands and wives to date each other while saving money at any of our business partners who have graciously offered us discounts.

We have added some new restaurants and will have plenty of options to choose from.