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During the scene where Sam and Dean grill Donna about New! This cast is just so damn proud of each other and so supportive of everyone’s endeavors.

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Like every other aspect of Supernatural cons, the vendors who regularly do these cons have become a sort of surrogate family too.I took a few photos, endeavoring to bring it back to life, but to no avail.Frantic, I ran out of the ballroom and tried to power it down or figure out a way to take out the battery, only to find that with a Samsung S6, that’s not possible.I guess you can tell that things have been busy around here – between family and holiday stuff and finishing up the new book, I didn’t manage to find time to write up my NJCon adventures until now. It was gorgeous weather and my GPS took me through scenic Pennsylvania countryside with beautiful fall foliage and past pastures with Shetland ponies and lots of antique stores, so I was in a really good mood by the time I got to the hotel.I think that’s a record, but I can’t promise it will stand for too long…. Take a little break from Black Friday shopping and peruse the pretty pictures. Which was a good thing, because New Jersey is such a weird state (no left turns, everything’s a complicated jug handle or a traffic circle that’s totally not working) that my GPS couldn’t even FIND the hotel.I couldn’t live tweet their panel or Mark’s, and in fact had to leave my vendor table to drive to a Verizon store (no mean feat in New Jersey where left turns do not exist and my GPS never knows where the hell it is). So I ended up driving back to the convention with my still-broken phone, which worked intermittently for the rest of the con. Here are a few Mark Sheppard photos generously contributed by someone who wasn’t incapacitated by the technology apocalypse.

Me: I’m in the middle of a convention and selling books and live tweeting panels, please help! (Earlier that day my i Pad also mysteriously died, taking with it my ability to take paypal sales.

Then it was time for the first panel – Kim Rhodes and Briana Buckmaster. Jensen being Jensen, he just rolled with it and kept going, asking ‘with who? Briana: Donna has taught me to keep being myself, keep doing what you were meant to be on this planet for. Julian Richings was up next, and was his usual irrepressible self. In fact, he quipped that the big Chicago Cubs celebration wasn’t all that crazy. I’d walk along beside him and try to walk like him. Someone suggested he could play the Alpha Werewolf on Supernatural, and Jason paused to consider it.

Kim and Briana were as irreverently adorable as ever. ’ And then Briana (as Donna) walked in and they just let it play out, as Jensen stayed in character and reacted as Dean – a moment which made the gag reel. (bowlegged stalks across the stage) Because it’s kinda a thing, isn’t it? Jason: Well, I’m big and I’m hairy, so I guess it’s perfect. At the time, Jensen had just done the pilot for Supernatural and nobody thought it would get picked up.

They managed to talk about periods, but they also managed to make me a little teary eyed talking about how much they love meeting fans and being recognized, even if it’s at the vet where Kim had taken her clumsy cat who fell off the roof. Kim: And the director just kept filming because Jensen will go with anything – and he did! Also Jason: Though I think that anyone who could be on Supernatural would want to wear plaid and have a 6 pack like the Winchesters. For those who hadn’t heard it before, Jason also told the story of how he met Jensen when he first came to LA and was invited to a party. Then it did, and nobody thought it would get renewed.

Jensen has apparently decided that he’s met his match in Briana as far as being hard to break, so he and Jared work extra hard at it. Kim: I grew up being the caretaker, I’m used to taking care of other people. It happened to be at Jensen’s house that he shared with a few roommates, and they ended up jamming, and that was that. Then it did and nobody thought it would go past two seasons…. Jason ended his quoncert with some new Station Breaks, with Rob and Billy. Osric Chau was up next, and the panel started with the most heartwarming introduction, during which Richard and Rob gushed about Osric being a big star now that he’s in the new BBC America hit ‘Dirk Gently’.

Everyone watches out for each other, helps each other set up, lends out tape and markers and scissors and whatever else is needed. Thursday was a lot of people coming by to find out what ‘Fangasm Supernatural Fangirls’ and ‘Fan Phenomena Supernatural’ were all about, or coming by to tell us that they had already read them and enjoyed them. I had a lovely late snack with my friend and fellow fangirl, Hansi, who is also the director and producer of the upcoming web series, ‘Squee! I’m co-writer and associate producer of this celebration of fangirling, so needless to say I’m ridiculously excited about it – the first cut looks amazing! He also loves the character he plays on Supernatural, and that Death has some humanity and is not just evil. Favorite moment: Julian: But my favorite part of Supernatural is the opportunity to meet all of you!

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