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He was not brought to the station for questioning or questioned at the scene.Instead, officers heard him tell his story to family and friends over the course of the evening.

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After Viki’s body was removed, the officers pulled the gun cleaning kit, the newspaper, and other cleaning items to the foot of the bed to look for the casing.

Her skin was cold to the touch, pale, and waxy, and her right foot and ankle had obvious lividity.

The main two paramedics testified that in their extensive experience with death, she had been dead for at least an hour, probably more like 90 minutes—certainly not the 30 to 45 minutes Lozano claimed to have been gone from the house.

Lying next to Viki on the bed was an open gun-cleaning kit, two sheets of newspaper, cleaning supplies, and Bobby Lozano’s 9-mm Glock service weapon covered in oil.

During his 17-year career at the Denton Police Department, Lozano had earned a reputation as a ladies’ man who did not let his marriage interfere with his love life.

Word of Viki’s death spread quickly that night, and the house soon filled with officers arriving both in an official capacity and to support Lozano.

Family members, too, arrived at the scene fairly quickly.

A 17-year police veteran shot and killed his wife in 2002.

Denton County prosecutors recently took the case of twists and turns to trial and, seven years later, won a 45-year sentence against the defendant. Even without a seven-year delay between when Bobby Lozano killed his wife, Viki, and when he was finally brought to justice, this case promised to be a fight.

Not only was he a longtime officer with the Denton Police Department whose mother-in-law—the murder victim’s mom!

—stood by him through trial, but we also had to overcome crime scene mistakes, many years of fading memories, no family support, and re-examination of the evidence. on July 6, 2002, Bobby Lozano called 911, saying he had just come home to find his wife with a gunshot wound.

No one drove the route to the tanning salon to look for or in trash bins.

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