Love dating sim girls my cup tea cheats

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Love dating sim girls my cup tea cheats - online dating personals service for singles wdating com

We do applaud the developer for completing such an impressive project, but the anime-style drawings can still use some polish.

Idol Days Sim Date allows you to experience some romance by allowing you to go on activities with your guy.Choosing the correct answer will increase your relationship with that certain guy, picking the wrong one will repeat the current conversation and give you a chance to revise your reply.Though there's really no way to fail a conversation, it's still up to you whether you want to spend enough time with a guy to finish their routes.There's a music studio, a cafe, a cinema and more interesting area.Each one has its own activities and stat boosts to offer.That is, if you figure out how to keep your would-be sweetheart interested.

Anyone who has played a dating sim before will be familiar with the game mechanics. This can be used for activities such as talking to potential love interests and improving your guitar skills.CD Album, Game Bro) for your dates --just make sure you have enough virtual cash for it.Though it does have a storyline that makes you want to watch Nana, the main objective is still to charm the game's eligible bachelors.They're already built-in, allowing you to get more HP or money, get more relationship points and fast forward to the concert. The cheat codes are pretty easy to find using Google.While the accessible game play is good for players of all ages, the graphics may not be everyone's cup of tea.If you still haven't gotten your dating sim fix, you can always revisit the story and even unlock other endings by taking advantage of the game's cheat codes.