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Many copyright experts believe that deep linking (links that bypass a website’s home page) is not copyright infringement — after all, the author of a novel can’t prevent readers from reading the end first if they so desire, so why should a website owner have the right to determine in what order a user can access a website?

Framing is generally unpopular with websites whose content is framed on another site (unless they have agreed to it). But the court of appeals disagreed and sent the case back for review on this issue.However, the following types of links may create disputes:.” Or, you can use a longer agreement that covers the terms more specifically.The agreement provided below can be used to avoid disputes over any of these types of links.You do not need permission for a regular word link to another website’s home page.If there is some concern over the link, most issues can be squared away by having the linked site sign a linking agreement that gives permission for your link.The thumbnails were much smaller and of much poorer quality than the original photos and served to index the images, thereby helping the public access them. 2007).)Keep in mind that some forms of framing are perfectly legal.

A similar result was reached by the Ninth Circuit in a case involving Google. For instance, many sites use frames as a way of organizing their own content.Websites that frame the content of other sites are often seen as stealing the other site’s content. A final determination was never made and a default judgment was apparently entered in the case.One court found framing to be a copyright infringement because the process resulted in an unauthorized modification of the linked site. The court of appeals in the Kelly case did, however, uphold the lower court’s ruling that the search engine’s practice of creating small reproductions (“thumbnails”) of the images and placing them on its own website was permitted as a fair use.The purpose of a linking agreement, like all permission agreements, is to avoid a dispute.If a webmaster is confident that a link will not create a dispute, then a linking agreement is probably not necessary.He offers a number of links to racing industry Web magazines like Autosport, whose content he displays within a frame on his site. For more information on trademark infringement, see Chapter 10, “Getting Permission to Use Trademarks.” A note about “inlining” content. 2003)), an image search engine called used inline links to reproduce full-size photographic images from a photographer’s website.

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