Lesbein dating

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Lesbein dating - speed dating illinois

It would be nice if the user profiles had a little more depth.Finding original ways to spark up a conversation is tough when all you know about the person is their age and gender.

” Lisanne, 22, Amsterdam."I was figuring out my sexuality and wasn't sure where to turn but I couldn't have found a better app than Her.

Her was the app that allowed me to make loads of friends at ease! Add your friends to stay in touch with them and always be able to message each other* POSTS.

”, Barbara, 44, Toronto.// FEATURES:* VERIFIED ACCOUNTS. Ask a question to the community or tell everyone worldwide what you’re up to* LINKS.

Current Her Premium subscription price starts at .99 USD/month and are listed in full above. I also don't like that I have to pay to filter who I see?

Like I do that because I don't want anyone 5 years younger than me looking at my page.

(I'm not knocking anyone that likes age gaps like that, do you.) I feel like that should be a normal FREE function (what it used to be).

I'm just confused as to why I have to pay for a basic function just to prevent younger people from seeing my page. The way this app is currently running is very unclear in general.Loved by critics, queer press and members alike* FRIENDLY. Where you read lesbian news, find out what’s happening in your city, make friends and ask for advice.* LOCAL.Meet gay women in your neighbourhood and attend local events* GLOBAL. The biggest app app for lesbian, bisexual and queer women// HEAR THE COMMUNITY:"I've made so many new friends! “This is so different from Tinder, Ok Cupid or any of those other dating apps.My only complaint is that the push notifications for my app don't seem to be very regular.Sometimes I'll get one for every message received, but only for a day or two.I don't need to worry about whether I’m a lesbian or bisexual.